Once upon a time, I was the keeper of a diary. There could be no mistaking it: fastened on one side with a tiny lock and key that – let’s face it – did precious little to secure its contents. This is to say nothing for the gender-traditional pink cover or the words “dear diary” sprawled across the middle in sparkly silver chintz.

This is my grown-up “dear diary.”

My hubby and I have decided to embark on what I suspect will be a truly great adventure – and we’ve decided to document it. For ourselves mostly. And perhaps, later, to share with those faraway friends and family whose job it is to take (or feign) interest in the minutiae of our lives. And for you, my Fellow Projected Progenitors, who – because you’re embarking on your own great adventures – fully grasp that this is just about the farthest thing from minutiae ever!

This is some serious, serious macrutiae!

My hubby and I are “ttc.” That’s message board-speak for “trying to conceive.” And it means different things to different people but is, at the very least, a euphemism for our having copious amounts of carefully-considered, unprotected sex.

The goal: Chronicle our quest to conceive, birth, and parent extremely awesome progeny, connect with fellow Progenitors embarking on their own marvelous journeys to spawn upstanding members of the human race, swap insights and war stories and, someday, when the time is right, reveal ourselves (and this super fun little gig of ours) to folks who know our real names. Think: Surprise, mom and dad! We’re pregnant! Except of course we’re not. Not yet.

At present, we’re a couple of Pro-Pros living in the outskirts of Boston with some house plants and a grumpy cat: a bookworm and a nouveau-hippie, left-brained and right. Educated. Progressive. Professional altruists who met on the job six years ago, have been together for five and married for two. Honeymooned in Hawaii. Wish we lived there. We don’t.

So it begins. Our adventure story.

PS) We’re serious about this “our” thing, too. While the Aspiring Mama is primarily responsible for the blog’s content, the would-be Papa Pro’s perspectives will appear from time to time under the header, “Dad’s Dish.” Look for it!

About Projected Progenitor

Projected (adj.) (prə-ˈjekt-ed): From the 15th Century Anglo-French 'projector,' from Latin 'projectus.' Devised in the mind, predicted. Progenitor (n.) (prō-ˈje-nə-tər): Middle English, from the 14th Century Anglo-French 'progenitour,' from Latin 'progenitor,' meaning 'to beget.' An ancestor in the direct line, foreparent.
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