Insemination Day, take two.

It transpired something like this. Note inky little X’s two inches from the belly button and, not for nothing, that scar left behind as evidence that, once upon a time, this here Mom-in-the-Making didn’t think twice about piercing her abdomen.

But what for all its ickiness and unpleasantries, this experience is also testament to the human capacity to tolerate that which doesn’t kill us – perhaps in no small part thanks to good luck charms and/or good friends and/or loving spouses and/or lunacy, but still.


Preferably to a little cranny in the uterine wall.


About Projected Progenitor

Projected (adj.) (prə-ˈjekt-ed): From the 15th Century Anglo-French 'projector,' from Latin 'projectus.' Devised in the mind, predicted. Progenitor (n.) (prō-ˈje-nə-tər): Middle English, from the 14th Century Anglo-French 'progenitour,' from Latin 'progenitor,' meaning 'to beget.' An ancestor in the direct line, foreparent.
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One Response to Insemination Day, take two.

  1. Oh i love that you did a video of this! :)
    & I love the concern in your man’s voice.
    good luck you!

    I love you blog!
    stop on by! :)

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