Oh, wise Chinese cookie!

I don’t believe everything I read. Just, y’know, most of it. So, to the script inside this fortune cookie I say, “No, really?!” Except of course I mean, “No duh.”

Not for nothing, I peruse travel mags. I keep cut-outs and bulleted lists of destinations I’d visit if only I were loaded and had lots of time and, say, didn’t find myself nursing mild ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

I’d check into a premium bungalow at Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys, hit up a lux spa in Sedona (ahem: Enchantment, anyone?), revisit Paris and forego hostels for Hotel le Bristol. As it is though…

Yesterday morning, we underwent IUI: The Third, a mostly unremarkable experience except for how we spent a long time chatting up Nurse Julia about our mounting (hormone-induced?) hopelessness. The Projected Pops’ numbers have improved, my bod appears cooperative, timing has been spot on and yet here we are. Again. Fear not, said Nurse Julia, swapping a speculum for a size more suitable for sleuthing out a sneaky cervix, this could be your month.

Could be. Probably isn’t. But look on the bright side: We’ve got two cycles to go before insurance foots the bill for the more effective IVF.

In the meantime, by body (or some combination of my body hopped up on Gonal F and Ovidrel) have seen that paper fortune materialize into a weekend staycation during the course of which – special thanks to the World Wide Web, Condé Nast and Travel Channel, I’m going places! If only in my wildest imagination.

Godspeed, me. Godspeed.

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About Projected Progenitor

Projected (adj.) (prə-ˈjekt-ed): From the 15th Century Anglo-French 'projector,' from Latin 'projectus.' Devised in the mind, predicted. Progenitor (n.) (prō-ˈje-nə-tər): Middle English, from the 14th Century Anglo-French 'progenitour,' from Latin 'progenitor,' meaning 'to beget.' An ancestor in the direct line, foreparent.
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3 Responses to Oh, wise Chinese cookie!

  1. Broot says:

    It can be very hard to take a well-deserved rest. I hope you are successful with your IUI. Visiting from SITS!

  2. Sending you good luck! I really hope this is your month!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog during my SITS weekend!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Good advise you received there!

    Visiting from SITS

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