The beauty of anonymous baby blogging is as follows.

For starters, you can talk openly about that flatulence problem. Which is a really, really big one. Think: disgusting, dry-heave-inducing, out-of-control, rip-roaring, nasty-ass, farts. The sweet aroma of new life filtered through your anus. And even if, like me, you’ve always been a do-your-stinking-in-the-privacy-of-your-own-bathroom kind of girl, you probably haven’t accounted for this. Sometimes you won’t make it! Sometimes, you’ll toot in the living room.

And, oh yeah, there’s this: the secret I’m keeping from the bulk of familiar humanity until we can’t keep it a secret no mo’! This here? This is “Iggy.”

Once upon a time, (s)he was cryopreserved like the remains of Walt Disney. Now (s)he’s got a heartbeat, lives in my uterus and makes me fart a lot.

I love this kid.


About Projected Progenitor

Projected (adj.) (prə-ˈjekt-ed): From the 15th Century Anglo-French 'projector,' from Latin 'projectus.' Devised in the mind, predicted. Progenitor (n.) (prō-ˈje-nə-tər): Middle English, from the 14th Century Anglo-French 'progenitour,' from Latin 'progenitor,' meaning 'to beget.' An ancestor in the direct line, foreparent.
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5 Responses to The beauty of anonymous baby blogging is as follows.

  1. Mom says:

    You make me laugh…..and you keep me well informed…so much so….that I can visualize it all…and what fond memories you are bringing back to me. xo

  2. There is nothing-NOTHING!- in the world like the very first time you see that flickering little heart beat. Something chemical happens in your brain, and you are just never the same again.

  3. I love Iggy – and there are no words to describe the feeling when you see the flickering of the heartbeat. I can’t wait to “watch” you experience everything!

  4. lolafallana says:

    I read this entire blog TODAY. Thank you. We will be going through our IVF cycle, including harvesting and ICSI in March and are so excited, scared, anxious. Congratulations you guys!!

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