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Oh, holey placenta!

We’re (still) having a girl. Still because, in the last five weeks, her genital tubercle remained flat. And she didn’t grow testicles. And, last week, when we had our surprise fetal survey (see below), she bore the Mark of the Hamburger.  (Aside: The … Continue reading

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I am preggo, hear me roar.

In these nearly 16 weeks, I’ve decided my experience of knocked-uppedness is maybe one of the most empowering of my life: right up there with living abroad, delivering a commencement address and passing the bar exam. Here’s why: Pregnancy makes … Continue reading

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Congratulations us!

Not for nothing I earned an undergrad degree in journalism. I figured I’d work for The Associated Press. Or, say, a mid-sized print media outlet. Life happened. The gig at the AP didn’t. Not yet. But this great blog did. … Continue reading

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