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The good tree.

Dear Kid, Today, we mourned a good tree. Somebody who’s been dead for a long timeĀ (or maybe nobody) planted it where it stood for the last two hundred years – that is, until this morning. This morning, you became the … Continue reading

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With an oink, oink here.

Dear Kid, This one day you professed to want a farm. A place to raise a pig. And probably not the sort that walks around on a leash, either. Probably the sort that lives in a barn and takes mud … Continue reading

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On having cake and eating it, too.

Two Saturdays ago, Elbee turned one to as much fanfare as any kid, who won’t remember a single thing that happened to her that day, can possibly imagine. We bought her a string of fine pearls: her first wedding present … Continue reading

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Good enough and best for me: This one time, I learned to compare my kid to herself.

I cross-checked my handiwork against yours. And by “cross-checked” I mean “compared.” By “handiwork” I mean my kid. By “yours,” I mean…well, yours: that small human who may have babbled first or crawled later or smiles less, who has more … Continue reading

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On Zoe: How a doll named after the memory of your ‘blastosib’ saved nap time.

Dear Kid, Probably – and in no small part because your Dad and I thought this through carefully – you’re going to be an only child. If we do things just right, your being an “only” won’t mean you’re “alone” … Continue reading

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