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Oy vey, bubala: The Passover Pre-You.

Dear Not-Yet Spawn: Back in the spring of 2010, your Dad and I decided to host a seder for the faraway fam you call Bubbie and Zeidy and Grandma and Pop. It would be the first time we played holiday … Continue reading

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Cyber space is a wealth of fun little apps for people awaiting bar exam results who, say, also aspire to get knocked up. Take, for example, Morph Thing, a site which allows a Projected Progenitor to upload a couple of pictures of … Continue reading

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Dad’s Dish: Avoiding the cup.

Wow, so all that “bonin’” and no luck! It makes sense, however, cause all the experts in all the literature out there scream that the stars have to be perfectly in line for even the healthiest of would-be parents to … Continue reading

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What Not to Say (Ever): The Pre-Pregnancy Edition!

Sexcapades notwithstanding, we’re not pregnant. Enter: Monthly period and menstrual cramps from hell compounded by the realization that this business of getting knocked up is, in the best of circumstances, going to take a hot second. And, oh yeah, there’s … Continue reading

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Genetics and a grown-up mutant ninja mama!

It’s like this: They had the best intentions, see, but my own mom and dad spawned something of a genetic mutant in yours truly. A rad, ninja mutant, but still. On the one hand, there’s Maturity Onset Diabetes of the … Continue reading

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