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Oy vey, bubala: The Passover Pre-You.

Dear Not-Yet Spawn: Back in the spring of 2010, your Dad and I decided to host a seder for the faraway fam you call Bubbie and Zeidy and Grandma and Pop. It would be the first time we played holiday … Continue reading

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Cyber space is a wealth of fun little apps for people awaiting bar exam results who, say, also aspire to get knocked up. Take, for example, Morph Thing, a site which allows a Projected Progenitor to upload a couple of pictures of … Continue reading

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What Not to Say (Ever): The Pre-Pregnancy Edition!

Sexcapades notwithstanding, we’re not pregnant. Enter: Monthly period and menstrual cramps from hell compounded by the realization that this business of getting knocked up is, in the best of circumstances, going to take a hot second. And, oh yeah, there’s … Continue reading

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Genetics and a grown-up mutant ninja mama!

It’s like this: They had the best intentions, see, but my own mom and dad spawned something of a genetic mutant in yours truly. A rad, ninja mutant, but still. On the one hand, there’s Maturity Onset Diabetes of the … Continue reading

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